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Waterproofing does not only mean dry interiors, but entails protection of entire structures along with all that it embeds. Water is extremely damaging to the life of structures, often reducing its service life by more than 50%. Although waterproofing forms a small part of any project, if neglected can single handedly ruin entire projects. We give water its due respect and ensure it stays away from your structure. With over 24 years of project experience, you can be rest assured you are in safe hands be it foundations & basements, tanks, joints, pools, terraces or baths.

The 3 steps for a watertight structure

  1. Right system

    The choice of system dictates the success against water penetration. It also lays down the financial implications. An improper choice increases the cost of the system either today or as a maintenance cost in the future.

  2. Right materials

    The choice of right materials will influence the life of the system as well as costs. With hundreds of products available in the market, it is necessary to have a technical experts guide you in you choice of materials.

  3. Right application

    This is the most important and often neglected part of any waterproofing. Major faults occur in waterproofing due to improper application and lack of technical supervision.


Preformed Membranes

Liquid Applied Membranes

Injections & grouting

Anti-fungus coats

Impregnating coats

Anti-corrosive inhibitors

Anti-rust application for Rebars

Anti-carbonation coatings

Crack filling

Brickbat waterproofing

Shahabad waterproofing (Box type)


China Chips


As a Waterproofing Contractor, Pinnacle offers its clients, services that tend to their every need. We work around a comprehensive Design-Build Process that lets us collaborate with our clients during the entire spectrum of the project from designs, budgeting, pre-construction to the construction and interior design phase. The process ensures that the project is a reflection of the client’s vision in its entirety.
Pinnacle stays in constant contact, proactively identifying potential design issues and addressing risk up front which saves time and results in a lower overall cost to our client. With one eye always on energy efficiency, we ensure that good design doesn’t mean high maintenance, so that your structure is a Green as possible. We take pride in our ability to meet aggressive schedules while maintaining high attention to detail that our clients deserves and have come to expect from us.
Even as the project phase is winding down, we ascertain we’ve given our clients a complete, problem-free project as well as the knowledge to use and maintain it. We remain available and committed to our clients, ensuring that the value delivered during the execution of project stands the test of time.

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