Design Office Space to Boost Creativity

We can boost creativity and problem-solving skills by keeping in mind the following while designing our work space

1. Expansive views – Open up the outside world to the office inside by means of large windows. This will help make our eyes travel. Psychologically, this stimulates us to think out of the box as we stop focusing on details.

2. High Ceiling – A ceiling height of more than 3 meters helps us to think big, think abstract. If you can’t go beyond 3 meters, use tricks like vertical lines to get a similar effect.

3. Wall colour – Cool colours like blue and green get us to explore the boundaries while warm colours make us focus on task at hand. So, make use of colours based on the objective of the room. Red for tasks where accuracy is important while blue for ideas.

4. Artwork and decor – Images of landscapes, travel posters, artifacts etc. help in lateral thinking and lowers stress. Reference How to Use the Psychology of Space to Boost Your Creativity

We have incorporated the above in our new office that is coming up at 71 Kamothe, Navi Mumbai.

We have floor to ceiling structural glazing in the front, sliding windows of size 8′ x 7′ and 12′ high ceiling in working spaces and 14′ high ceilings in idea room. More on this after we move in.


How to Use the Psychology of Space to Boost Your Creativity by Architect Donald M. Rattner, Architect

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